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The line graphs show data on Australian trades with three other countries, namely China, Japan and the US.

The initial impression from the graphs is that Australia appeared to earn the highest revenue from exports to Japan. Additionally, Australian-American import-export values remained relatively static over the given period. 

Regarding trades between Australia and China, exports underwent a gradual decrease from approximately 43% in 2002 to 40% in 2008. The figure for imports from China stood at about 30% and showed an upward trend to a high of around 43%, despite having an unexpected dip of about 3% in 2005.

Australia’s exports to Japan, after remaining stable for the first three years, soared to its peak of over AU$60 million in 2005, after which this figure halved to about AU$30 million in 2008. Meanwhile, imports from Japan remained consistent at a value of approximately AU$37 million throughout the period.

Trades between Australia and the US appeared to be the most stable, with both import and export values stabilized at around 23% and 40% respectively.

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It is true that throughout history, humans have come up with various invaluable inventions. Nowadays, there is an opinion that among all the things that have been devised, the internet is the most significant. Although the benefits of the internet in modern life are undeniable, I believe that its importance is still outweighed by two other inventions, namely, electricity and computers.

To begin with, it is obvious that the appearance of the internet has brought about numerous advantages to people’s lives. Firstly, thanks to this advanced technology, many people now have access to many useful sources of information that are necessary for their work or study. To be more specific, nowadays, information about various fields and aspects of life is shared freely online and available to everyone with an internet connection. People can therefore easily search for anything that they want within a very short amount of time. Secondly, the emergence of online-based communication tools has revolutionised the way people communicate. By using social networking websites and applications, people can keep in touch with their friends or relatives despite large geographical distances, eliminating the need for old-fashioned and time-consuming tools, such as letters.

However, from my perspective, despite the mentioned merits of the internet, the role of the two following inventions is still more significant. First of all, since first being put into use in the early 19th century, electricity has totally changed the lives of people around the world. This form of energy has set the platform for many other electrical-based inventions, including a number of technological devices and the internet, as well as become an indispensable part of the modern world. In addition, for the internet to be as commonly used as it is now, the prevalence of computers should also be taken into consideration. Since the first model was created, computers have played a vital role in modern society as a tool for sending, storing, and receiving data for various purposes and even laid the foundation for the appearance of the internet. Without this device, the internet might not have even been invented in the first place.

In conclusion, although the benefits of the internet are obvious, I do consider that electricity and computers are still more valuable in the world nowadays.

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