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The diagrams illustrate how the layout of a school library changed over a period of five years.

Overall, significant changes have been made in terms of the library’s interior design, especially on the western side of the library.

A recording studio has been constructed to replace the classroom area. While the meeting room remains in the same place after five years, the space for the borrowing and returning desk has been separated into 2 different rooms.

In the center of the library, more private studying tables have been set up for students to study. Additionally, there were two areas for book shelves in the north and south of the library five years ago; however, the one in the south as well as the desk for computers on the eastern side of the room has been converted into desks for student’s laptops. Next to this it can be seen that the library office has been removed to make way for a new conference room.

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Technology has come such a long way nowadays that people can make use of their mobile phone to answer work or personal calls at any time. Although there are some negative consequences of this development on individuals and society, I believe that they are outweighed by the positive effects.

On the individual aspect, the fact that no work calls are missed could greatly enhance one’s work efficiency. As we are living in the era of globalisation, the international cooperation between companies is common and necessary. Being able to make calls and discuss with business partners regardless of time zones is a great advantage. On a larger scale, this can also contribute to the development of the economy, thus an increase in the living standard. Furthermore, people can benefit from the fact that their beloved ones are available for a call at any time. One could seek help from their friends and family whenever they need, which is especially beneficial in case of emergency. And as the flow of information between people is constant, society will be connected and move forward.

However, the drawbacks of this development should not be overlooked. Being able to answer calls all the time means people have less privacy, even in their own home. It also means that workers have to handle a larger amount of workload and have less quality time for their family. However, the work-life balance could still be maintained by just a simple act of switching off one’s mobile phone whenever they leave the office or do not want to be bothered.

In conclusion, despite a few drawbacks, the use of mobile phones for work and personal calls brings about more benefits to individuals and society.

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